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Scorched Earth Showcases

Scorched Earth Showcases are designed to bring a collection of players together from across the country who have an interest in attending and playing at Arizona State University.  Typically held in November, players will arrive on campus Friday night or Saturday morning and will be placed on a team of 15-18 players.  Led by their team coach, they will then go through a 45 minute skills and drills practice session with their teammates.  Each team will participate in a minimum of three games, 20 minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime.  Games will be professionally refereed and have a full-time trainer on-site.  Games will be played under college rules.  There will be a one hour break for lunch.  Guided tours of ASU West Campus are available after the showcase has concluded.  Sign ups for tours will be on-site at the registration tent.

Scorched Earth Prospect Camps

Scorched Earth Prospect Camps are designed as a more interactive way to provide recruits with a hands on experience into the life of an ASU lacrosse player.  This prospect camp is by invitation only and is limited to 25-30 prospects.  Arizona State Head Coach, Joseph Thon and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jim Mirabito will personally run the players through three phases of the ASU lacrosse program.  The first phase is weight room training.  Prospects will compete in four lifting events that current ASU lacrosse players are tested in: 3 rep max Bench Press, 3 rep max Squat, 3 rep max Hang Clean and max chin-ups til exhaustion.  The second phase is speed and agility drills.  Prospects will be timed in the 40 yard dash, 20 yard shuttle and T-Drill station.  The third and final phase of the camp is a private coaching lesson with Coach Thon and his staff.  Ending with a full-field scrimmage where prospects will have an opportunity to compete against each other and some of the top recruits in the nation.

Scorched Earth Clinics

Scorched Earth Youth and High School Clinics team up with local and national organizations to develop, educate and instruct the younger lacrosse generation and youth coaches.  Clinics focus on fundamentals, concepts, individual player growth, team development and coaching strategies and methods.  Typically held in August, the clinics will take place on week nights and will be two (2) hour long sessions for four (4) nights.  On Thursday night, there will be an hour long coaches white board session at the end of practice.  Players will receive hands on instruction from collegiate and high school coaches at each session.  Work ethic and practice habits will be major teaching points.

Scorched Earth will be partnering with ASU and other local athletic venues to act as host and liaison to high school and youth lacrosse tournaments.  We will feature local tournaments for Arizona high school teams as well as national tournaments featuring the best high school programs across the country.


For more information, please contact scorchedearthtournamentseries@gmail.com